• About Us

    Born from the pure wish to spread the knowledge, Ad Astra Math wants to become the best math learning institution there is. The name of our school comes from Latin and it means "Math to the Stars" as we believe we can help our students achieve amazing results.

    Our purpose is to show young students that mathematics is something to love and appreciate, a wonderful way to open up minds towards understanding of things around us.

    To our teachers, there is nothing better than seeing the smile of a child who understood a problem, whose mind became more open to learning. We believe in empowering our students with strong fundamentals while cultivating the idea that research can be done at any age and should be encouraged from early age.

    Our school was the dream of Daniel Deaconu, a mathematician born in Romania, educated at the University of Bucharest and York University in Toronto. Daniel obtained a PhD in Set Theoretic Topology under the supervision of the wonderful professor and person who is Stephen Watson.

    Our past experience in teaching includes giving seminars and courses in Algebra and Mathematical Logic at York University and leading the math circle at the Fields Institute in downtown Toronto.

    We will always have free classes for all students who want to learn advanced mathematics, want to know about the stock market, want to learn computers and eventually put all this learning to work towards building wonderful careers and lives.